Oxted Commercial

Fennies Nursery, Oxted Fennies Nursery Oxted was new build construction built over a duration of 13 months from February 2018 until its opening in March 2019. The property was originally designed as a flats, however, Origen Developments adapted the scheme in collaboration with CF architects to allow Fennies to use the building commercially as a… Continue reading Oxted Commercial

Woking Commercial

Fennies Nursery, Woking Fennies Nursery Woking was purchased in 2015 for a sum in the region of £1,500,000 as a redundant Victorian cooking school in need of substantial renovation & adaptation. The building was stripped back to bare brick internally and several external elements of brickwork were adapted to accommodate the 80m2 extension which was… Continue reading Woking Commercial

Wimbledon Commercial

Fennies Nursery, Wimbledon Fennies Nursery Wimbledon was purchased in early 2016 as a neglected block of flats to be converted into a three storey building, with ground and first floors being used as a commercial space and the second floor as two flats. This nursery was designed as the landmark property for the Fennies Nursery… Continue reading Wimbledon Commercial