Fennies Nursery, Oxted

Fennies Nursery Oxted was new build construction built over a duration of 13 months from February 2018 until its opening in March 2019.

The property was originally designed as a flats, however, Origen Developments adapted the scheme in collaboration with CF architects to allow Fennies to use the building commercially as a children’s nursery.

The property was purchased in 2015 for £620,000 and the total development cost was £1,150,000 including professional fees. The programme was competed 1 month later than originally anticipated and was within its original budgeted cost.

Set in a rural village in the Surrey countryside, the building follows the same scheme as Fennies’ other modern developments featuring hardwood & Formica joinery, Schueco windows & doors to the exterior of the building and conservation brickwork & tiling. As with other Fennies nurseries which Origen Developments have produced, the building is supplied with a passenger lift, state of the art cooking facilities and a strikingly landscaped car park and playing area.